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School holidays

Zone A Zone B Zone C
Academic year Monday 4 september 2018
Holidays of All Saints' Day From 20 October to 5 Novembre 2018
Christmas holidays From 23 December 2016 to 8 January 2018
Winter holidays 10 february to 26 february 2018 24 february to 12 marsh 2018 17 february to  5 marsh 2018
Spring holidays 7 April to 23 april 2018 21 april au 7 may 2018 14 april to 30 april 2018
Summer holidays Saturday 7 July 2018

General conditions of rent

1. The tenant: 1. The tenant: the tenant, the signatory of the present contract, concluded for a period being able to on no account exceed the initially planned duration, cannot, under any circumstances take advantage of any right to the preservation in places at the end of the period of rent.

2. Use of places: The tenant will have to insure the peaceful character of the rent and make use of it according to the destination of places. In his departure, he undertakes to restore the rent in excellent state of cleanliness and without degradation. The rent concluded between the parts in the present act can benefit on no account even partially in thirds, persons or institutions, except agreement written by the owners, the Mr. and Mrs GADANT. Any breach of this clause would may pull the immediate termination of the rent against the tenant, the product of the rent remaining then definitively acquired to the owners, the Mr. and Mrs GADANT.

3. Sheets : Rent of sheets: 5 € for small bed and 10 € for big bed.

4. Electricity : The electric consumption is moreover, we supply free of charge the wood for stoves. Every kW consumed by the customer will be charged to him 0,18 € to be settled the day of departure.

5. Free WIFI : Ask for your card of connection the day of arrival. see detail

6. Number of tenants : For safety reasons and of assurance, every chalet is planned to welcome a maximum number of 6 people. Any overtaking of this capacity without having warned beforehand the owners of it, the Mr. and Mrs GADANT, can pull the break of the present contract

7. Payment and deposit : At the time of the reservation, will be asked you the payment of a deposit of 25 % of the total amount of the rent. Two means of payment will be proposed to you, either by check or holiday vouchers, or by bank transfer. The payment of the balance will intervene 30 days before the beginning of your stay. The customer not having paid the balance on the agreed date will be considered as having cancelled his stay .Dès then the service is again handed on sale, and no refund will be made.

8. Deposit : The day of arrival, two checks of pledge will be asked you.
One of 400 € for chalets and one of 250 € for apartments to Marigny, who will be you restititué the day of your departure, in the absence of degradation.
Other one of 50 € (except for those who opted for the option arrange) see detail. Also restititué the day of your departure provided that the chalet is restored to us in the same state of cleanliness as the day of arrival.

8.1. Tourist tax : The payment of the tourist tax (0,77 € / day/pers.) will be to settle the day of the departure.

9. Late reservation : In case of reservation less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, all of the regulation of the stay will be asked at the time of the reservation.

10. Conditions of cancellation of stay : Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter to the owners, the Mr. and Mrs GADANT, 2 chemin de la crétine, 39130 MARIGNY.
In case of cancellation from you more than 31 days before the beginning of your stay, all of the paid sums, (In the exeption of the cost of the insurance) will be paid off to you.

In case of cancellation from you and if you do not have sign to the option insurance cancellation:
- Enter the 30th and 21th day before the beginning of the stay: 75 % Refund of the paid sums.
- Between the 21th and the 14th day before the beginning of the stay: 50 % Refund of the paid sums.
- Enter the 14th el 21th day before the beginning of the stay: 25 % Refund of the paid sums
- Less than 7 days before the beginning of your stay, all of the paid sums can remain acquired to the owners, the Mr. and Mrs GADANT.

11. Option Insurance valid cancellation before your departure and during the duration of your stay.
3 % of the price of the rent, to ask us the documentation.

Downloadable materials:

garanties - locplus - bulletin d'adhésion

12. Animals : Dogs and cats (Inoculated and tattooed) are accepted with the preliminary agreement of the owners.

13. Cleaning : The chalet, unless the option cleaning was signed, will have to necessarily</strong > be restored to us in a state of cleanliness identical to that of the day of arrival. If such was not the case we save ourselves the possibility of keeping the check of 60 € pledge for chalets and 50 € for our holiday cottages. Mattering: If you wish to free yourselves from this task, we suggest you optional a package cleaning at the 60 € price for chalets and 50 € for holiday cottages subscribing at the time of the request of availability. see détail.

14. Dealy : Without demonstration on behalf of the tenant concerning a delay, any chalet not occupied within 24 hours following the initial date of arrival will be considered as vacant. The customer so loses all his rights on this rent and can aspire to no refund

15. Assurance : Every customer must be able to prove an insurance for his properties and his family.

détail cleaning : We propose you optional a fixed price cleaning at the price of 60 € for chalets and 50 € for the gites to subscribe at the time of the request of availability or possibly the day of arrival.
This option will avoid you the day of the departure:

  • to vacuum.
  • to cross the serpillère.
  • to clean the bathroom and the toilet.
  • to do the dusting.

Becarefull ! This option with nevertheless its limits:

  1. The dishes must be made and tidied up and vaiselle vidé. wash him(it)
  2.  beds must have been undone and covers pliées.
  3. The wood stove must have been freed of its cendres.
  4. cupboards and refrigerator emptied of any victuaille.

In case of non compliance of one of these rules we reserve the right to keep the pledge.

We count finally and above all on your knowledge to live:
The fact of subscribing to this option does not authorize everything and anything as we have already unfortunately noticed it. Holiday cottages will have to be us restititués in a state of cleanliness corresponding to a "normal" and respectful use of our maintenance staff.

Periods of rent: during school vacation, rents only from Saturday till Saturday

Except school holidays: do not hesitate to contact us for "custom-made stays"

Accepted holiday vouchers: for the payment of all or part of your stay

Reservation: 25 % of deposit then the balance 30 days before the beginning of the stay

Insurance cancellation: possibility of signing an insurance cancellation

The firewood: will be supplied to you free of charge to take advantage of a good fit

Wi-Fi internet: free internet access on the set of the holiday cottages of Small boards

Not supplied sheets (possibility of rent)

Animals accepted with our agreement

Option arranges: we can take care of this task

Tourist tax: 0,77 €/pers/a day and free for the children at least of